Array Facilities | PKCL

World Class ICT

ICT operations of Pakiza are being maintained by Pakiza Technovation Limited. We have a fully secured CISCO based data center. We have latest UCS Blade servers, Firewalls, Routers and switches. We are well equiped to protect any kind of data loss, data theft in bothe logical and physical means. We are using our own ERP, Self service portal, Document Management systems, exchange based email service and active directory authentication system.

Medical Center

Health and hygiene issues of our employees’ are given a lot of importance. Registered MBBS doctor and skilled nurses are appointed to provide consultancy to the employees. Medical expenditure is 100% free for our employees who become sick or has an accident during working hours.

Day Care Center

We have a standard day care center. The children are provided with entertainment, meals and medical needs. We have appointed physician and nurse to attendant to the children needs and also provide health care advices when required.

Training & Social Awareness

We value our workers very highly. Workers are the basic strength of production so from recruitment to retirement we ensures necessary facilities for our workers on the basis of labour law 2006 and buyers’ requirements. We arrange regular seminars and training programs to increase our workers’ awareness of their rights and various safety issues.


We have a very well furbished dining hall for our workers and employees. Lunch and evening smacks are arranged for the employees by our company. The dining hall also provides a quiet place where our employees can take a break and relax.

Safety & Health

We put a lot of effort to ensure a safe working environment for our employees. Our entire factory is monitored through cc camera and a special fire fighting team makes sure that the factory is always well equipped and the workers are well trained to overcome any unwanted fire incidents. The entire factory is well marked for fast evacuations in case of emergencies. There are first aid kits placed all around our factory floor for quick treatments If injuries occur. Our security team is very well trained and experienced. The drinking water for our workers are regularly tested and the water filters are regularly checked and changed as required.